2019 World Pork Expo - June 5-7 - Iowa State Fairgrounds

U.S. Pork Supply and Demand: How do we go forward in the ever-expanding global marketplace?

Thursday, June 7, 2018
9:30 - 10:00 AM
Jacobson Exhibition Center Conference Room

Featured Speaker: David E. Williams, Director of Global Protein for Informa Economics IEG 

The U.S. pork sector has been experiencing low demand, and exports have been unable to take up the extra supply. Weights should be coming down and inventory numbers falling this time of year, but neither is occurring. What does this mean for U.S. hog producers? How important is it to lock in prices? Will waiting to lock in result in big losses this fall? David Williams of Informa Economic IEG explains during this session and talks about the role the ever-expanding global market will play.

Williams is a vice president of Informa Economics IEG. He is director of the Agribusiness Intelligence Protein Group and a member of the IEG Client, Advisory and Development group. In his capacity, he directs the global actives of the protein channel and coordinates insight and intelligence with respect to the global analytic protein groups within the Agribusiness Intelligence vertical.

Based out of Austin, Texas, Williams’ primary responsibilities include working with IEG customers on understanding the global meat supply, meat-based project consulting as well as client services. He also works with customers on livestock hedging and trading models.

Williams came to IEG from Cargill, where he worked in many different roles over 16 years, including leader of export sales for meat business unit, leader of futures trading for the meat business unit, and general manager of the Cargill grain export business in Texas and Oklahoma. He received his bachelor's degree in animal science from Texas Tech University and his master's degree in business administration from Friends University.

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