2022 World Pork Expo - June 8-10, 2022 - Iowa State Fairgrounds

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General Inquiries: 515-278-8012

World Pork Expo Registration and Letters of Invitation
Lauren Swanson
Meeting Planning / Executive Administrative Assistant
National Pork Producers Council
Phone: 515-864-7985
Fax: 515-278-8014
Email: swansonl@nppc.org

World Pork Expo Trade Show Booth Space, Official Program Advertising Sales, Marketing, 
& Private Meeting Rooms
Doug Fricke
Director, Trade Show Marketing
National Pork Producers Council
Phone: 515-864-7988
Fax: 515-278-8014
Email: fricked@nppc.org

World Pork Expo Sponsorship Opportunities
Rebecca Casey
Director, Industry Resource Development
National Pork Producers Council
Phone: 515-645-9659
Fax: 515-278-8014
Email: caseyr@nppc.org

World Pork Expo Media Relations

Jean Kaul-Brown
Phone: 641-629-6206
Email: worldporknewsroom@spinutech.com